Have you just moved back to New Zealand after working in the United Kingdom?

If you have a UK Pension, or other UK investments, you should talk to us about your options now that you are a New Zealand tax resident again.

We are happy to chat and explain the benefits and risks.

Here are some things to consider:

  • You have four years from the day you become a NZ tax resident to transfer your UK Pension NZ tax free before you start incurring a NZ tax liability on your UK Pension.
  • We can consolidate several of your UK Pensions into the same NZ QROPS pension scheme. (QROPS stands for: Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme).
  • We can help manage the exchange rate transfer by transferring first into a GBP cash account within the NZ QROPS scheme. You can then choose when you want to exchange into NZD or continue to invest in GBP assets.
  • There is a great choice of NZ QROPS schemes and investments both in NZD and GBP assets
  • We use NZ QROPS schemes that use responsible investments

We have over 20 plus years’ experience with transferring UK Pensions and advising new migrants and returning New Zealanders.

We have the skills and expertise needed to assist you with a wide range of financial planning services. Talk to us about KiwiSaver, insurance, investments, or any other financial services needs you may have.