How to Transfer

Transfer your UK pension to New Zealand with advice tailored to your retirement needs

Moving your UK pension schemes to a New Zealand provider offers you greater control of your retirement plans. There’s a few key benefits with having your scheme transferred, including:

  • consolidating all your pensions with a single provider
  • more flexibility as to how you take your pensions at retirement
  • reducing your tax liabilities in New Zealand
  • reduced risk of having your pension lost, underfunded or wound up in the UK

There are also some risks and disadvantages to moving your UK pension. We advise you on the benefits and risks involved to help you make an informed decision before you complete the transfer. Learn more about our advisory process during the transfer.

Have questions about transferring your UK Pension to New Zealand? Contact us for more information.

Our pension transfer process

  1. Download and complete the Data Collection form
    Download and complete the UK pension transfer form, then post it back to us. UK pensions require original copies. We will write to your UK pension schemes and get updated transfer values and transfer requirements.
  2. Make an informed decision
    We will then provide you with a written explanation of your UK pension options now that you are in NZ so you can then make an informed decision about transferring to New Zealand.
  3. Complete the transfer documents
    We will then provide you with a Statement of Advice and balanced recommendations regarding your situation, the transfer documents and NZ QROPS scheme application form to complete. We keep you informed during the transfer process. When the Pension Transfer is completed, we provide you with a summary of the transfer. We also provide ongoing contact and advice as required.
Money Handling
Pension transfers are paid from the UK pension company directly to your new QROPS scheme. The money is always under your name, so you will always have the right to your money. The rules that govern pension entitlements in both the UK and New Zealand are designed to protect your interests.