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Move My Pension Limited™ is a privately owned company with many years of experience providing specialist transfer services of UK pension schemes & funds to New Zealand.

Having no company ties, their Advisors are free to use any NZ QROPS scheme that will achieve their client’s retirement goals. A Disclosure Statement is available on request and free of charge

Luke McKenzie CFPCM

Luke is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM professional and Investment Advisor, who specialises in New Zealand-based advice for new migrants from the United Kingdom. His extensive business experience provides him with an excellent background in financial planning. He is a competent financial advisor with the knowledge and ability to advise on all aspects of financial advice including risk management, estate planning, New Zealand Superannuation, and investments. He is also experienced in UK pensions, endowments, and investments.


After a many jobs in the UK I had lots of Pension schemes. A nightmare to control and understand. Transferring them to NZ has made retirement simpler and understandable. A professional company to deal with.

S & M Long, Auckland

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