Below we have some information about Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does the transfer process take?

    Each pension transfer is treated differently as each individual has different circumstances. The rule of thumb is that a normal transfer will take between 3 to 6 months depending upon how quickly the Pension scheme provides the information. The Pension funds are transferred directly to the new NZ provider.

  • Do I have a choice of how my money gets invested?

    Yes. We have a selection of fund providers who will accept your transfer. Within the Superannuation fund we set up for you there is a range of fund options that include; Cash, Conservative, Balance, Growth, NZ and International Equities, Property and Fixed Interest Funds, the list goes on. You can decide how your pension transfer is invested.

  • When can I retire in NZ?

    The rules of your UK Pension scheme dictate the minimum age of retirement is 55 years from April 2010. Once you have been away from the UK for 5 complete tax years the NZ Scheme retirement rules apply. This varies with different NZ schemes. We can offer a number of options which we will discuss with you.

  • What is the lifetime allowance?

    The Lifetime Allowance is the maximum amount of money you can save for retirement in the UK and still receive UK tax relief.

    2017 -2018   –  £1 million

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  • If I’m not happy with my investment returns over a certain period of time can I change my investments around?

    Yes. You will be sent 6 monthly updates on your investment account. If you are not happy with the performance we can change your investment allocation to suit your needs. We will continue to monitor your Pensions and their growth to ensure they meet your needs should you require.

  • How much does it cost to transfer?

    Our transfer charges are very competitive including the option of fixed transfer fees. These charges are paid to us from the transferred funds. Any charges will be agreed prior to transferring.

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